Clake Advantages

Clake Dual Control System

The Clake One, Two and Prolever all have the option to run a unique dual control system that offers the ability to seamlessly swap from hand to foot rear brake activation whilst maintaining consistent brake pressure and perfect feel.

If you plan on using both hand and foot operation this system is without the best available both in terms of transition between modes of operation and outright braking power and feel.

We achieve this by utilizing two separate hydraulic systems with a mechanical connection between them. Braking power from hand operation is maximised by running a hydraulic circuit directly from the clake’s brake master cylinder to the rear brake calliper. A separate hydraulic circuit runs from the bikes std rear brake master cylinder to the pedal slave cylinder mounted on the right hand side of the clake body. The slave cylinder’s piston pushes via a roller bearing and rocker arm on the rear brake piston in the clake unit. (click on diagram to enlarge)
Slave_kitShown left is the Clake Dual Control kit consisting of the pedal slave cylinder that bolts onto the std Clake body and the hydraulic line and required fittings. You can order this fitted to your Clake One, Two or Prolever by selecting the dual control version of any of these models or this can be retrofitted to a std Clake to convert it to a Dual Control Clake.