COVID-19 Update

Unfortunately due to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in Victoria, where our factory is based, new restrictions have been put in place to close all non-essential business operations for 6 weeks beginning August 5th. This has since been extended for an additional 2 weeks until the 28th of September. This will directly affect our ability to fulfil and freight orders/parts until we are able to return to our factory.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we work through these restrictions.

Our Products

Effortless single finger clutch use with up to 75% less pull than a standard clutch and without extra lever travel.

An ergonomic hand-operated rear brake system used in conjunction with a Brembo clutch master cylinder.

A single lever clutch & brake system that first applies the clutch and then the rear brake – only suitable for use with an auto-clutch.

The inner lever is for the clutch only, the outer lever disengages the clutch then applies the rear brake, plus an adjustable anti-stall feature.

A single lever disengages the clutch then engages the rear brake, and also tilts for on-the-fly selection of more clutch and less brake.

The Kliktronic gear change system (electric shifter or quick shifter) is best described as an ‘electronic foot’. It’s operated by two discreet buttons – usually mounted on the left handlebar which sit conveniently beneath the thumb.