TEAM CLAKE Crowd Funding Project

Join Team Clake for a lifetime 20% discount of all our future products!

Our aim is to become a world leader in motorcycle innovation but to achieve this goal we need your help. We are asking for AUD $100 to join Team Clake… you will not only share in our vision but also receive a 20% lifetime discount off all our future products. Click here to join the team!

Since 2003, IMT INDUSTRIES known as Clake has been revolutionizing clutch and rear brake control. In the past year we have had a huge increase in international orders that has seen us struggling to meet the demand. This has prevented us from pursuing a range of very exciting new products. This crowd funding will allow us to expand our business, enabling us to bring our new products into production.

Since registering as a company in 2003 all revenue has gone back into the business and the Managing Director has not drawn a salary in twelve years to allow for continued growth. We have just purchased another CNC milling centre in order to help us meet our current demand and also allow us to produce new products.

Your AUD $100 contribution will allow us to employ more staff, purchase specialized equipment, create tooling for the new products, and bring these exciting new products to you. We are all passionate motorcycle enthusiasts and we take our commitment to our customers very seriously. Crowd funding means you will be placing your trust in us – we assure you of our highest level of commitment to honor that trust.

The discount does not apply to our current products – the Clake One Light Clutch, Clake SLR, Clake One, Clake Two or Clake Prolever. It applies to our future products that this crowd funding will bring into production. The first of these should be ready in early 2016. We will provide regular updates on our progress throughout 2016. Your 20% discount is guaranteed for life… no fine print and no limits on quantities. This invitation to join Team Clake is a limited offer – once our new products are established in production we will cease to accept new Team Clake members. Click here to become a member of Team Clake!


Our first product is a new type of throttle assembly which dramatically improves a riders ability to regulate power application and also offer superior handlebar grip. At this stage several prototypes have been constructed, with extensive testing almost completed. The expected cost is around AUD$130 and it should be available in early 2016.

Our next product is an electronic anti-stall system. It detects an imminent engine stall then automatically engages the starter motor to prevent this. It is fully tuneable through a mobile phone app. The hardware is developed but the crowd funding will be used to engage a programming specialist to finalize the system  and  fund associated production costs. The anticipated retail price is around AUD$500.

Our third product is an electronic auto-clutch, a bolt-on system using a force balanced stepper motor actuator and programmable controller. It requires no modifications to your clutch and is fully tuneable via a mobile phone app. This will be an auto-clutch  with no downsides – perfect manual clutch override, no unwanted freewheeling and a wide range of tuning options. We have one working prototype fitted to a bike and limited testing done. The expected product is cost AUD $1600.

There are three other projects that we can’t make public at this stage, and even more at the conceptual stage. We firmly believe that these new products will make an even bigger impression on riders than our existing products have in the past. But we need your help to make this a reality. Click here to join Team Clake and share in our vision.


The Purpose of the Team Clake to bring exciting new products to market. I realise that our products are expensive, but we don’t have big profit margins so growing our business is difficult. A discount on existing products means someone could join Team Clake to just buy a Clake Two or Pro Lever very cheaply, which would affect our profitability and especially our cash flow – therefore delaying our new products. The discount on future products ensures our cash flow to achieve our goals.

Clake would not exist without the help of motorcycle enthusiasts – those who have purchased our products and also the amazing number of riders who have helped us in so many ways over the years. By becoming a Team Clake member you are believing in us and our dream – the 20% lifetime discount is our way of saying thanks.

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